Profit Growth Strategies - Business Coaching to Plan, Implement, Achieve

Gene Riordan

"Optimistic and Positive I can help you be more profitable!"

Areas of Focus

Profit Growth


Gene will use key strategies to find your organization's profitability, make a plan to bring it out and coach you to implement the plan and achieve your goals. 


Leadership Development


Gene will help you develop yourself and your staff to be the leaders your organization wants. As a member of the John Maxwell Team, Gene is mentored by the best in Leadership development.

Keep Lifestyle Priorities


Gene will coach you to find the balance everyone wants between business profit growth and family or personal life.

Why gene riordan?


Problem Solving

Whether its a technical issue, a customer service issue, an HR issue or a leadership issue, Gene Riordan and his associates will understand the problem and guide you to your destination.


Relating to YOUR business

From interviewing skills, to listening skills to interpersonal skills, you will feel like Gene is working to help you and your business succeed!


Profitability Sooner

Flexible arrangements to start being profitable sooner rather than later, with results guaranteed...


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